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I'm a positive-psychology certified coach, published author, and online edu-tainer obsessed with helping you understand your brain—so you can figure out how to like being alive.

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yeah hi


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so...what do you do?


umm...what does that mean, exactly?

glad you asked.


It means I translate the science of happiness (ok, more like...wellbeing) into practical resources for anyone who grew up on the internet.

My work takes many forms: writing, workshops, 1:1 coaching, podcasting, edutaining videos, online courses, speaking—


—and all of it is about closing the gap between science and self-help.

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wait—what do you mean by "closing the gap"?

great! do you have a more official sort of bio?

Oh, that "verified blue checkmark," third-person, formal bio sort of thing?
You got it.
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Alexis Rockley (she/her) is a positive psychology-certified and ICF-trained coach, author, and online edutainer obsessed with helping you understand your brain—so you can figure out how to like being alive.

She's the author of Find Your F*ckyeah: Stop Censoring Who You are and Discover What You Really Want (via Chronicle Books) and host of the voicemail-style podcast, Call Me When You Get This. Her work has been featured by Upworthy, SoulPancake, ATTN:, The Washington Post, and more.

Forever curious, she earned her Specialization Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in early 2019, and is completing her second certification—a 500-hour PPC in positive psychology coaching with the International Coaching Federation—as we speak.

When she's not translating the science of happiness into practical resources for people who grew up on the internet, she can be found rescuing plants from Ikea and throwing one-woman dance parties on Instagram.

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whhewwww y'all, I have a lot to say on this! 

tap the button below for a pop-up window that'll lay it all out for us. 

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so how'd you get into this kind of work?

...by pivoting through burnout, multiple careers, and a quarter-life-crisis, like any good millennial.
Kidding kidding jk, generations aren't a monolith and no one can be categorized as "good." (Not kidding about my existential reboot at age 28, though.)
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Click through the slideshow on that phone & get to know me.

great! how do I get in contact with you?


hi, so...I'm the plot twist your event is missing.


not to brag, but I make really great conversation.


anti-cringe coaching for people figuring out how to like being alive.