Guess what's missing from self-help, self-improvement, and self-care?


Other people. 

You can't change your life alone.

" After reading her book, I did a coaching call with her—and in just one hour she helped me gain incredible clarity on issues I've been struggling with for years. Her work is absolutely life-changing."

Layne Fargo

Hey, I'm Alexis – char(73)

I'm a writer, speaker, career coach (for people who don't believe in careers or coaching) and human pep talk.

I'm the author of Find Your F*ckyeah: Stop Censoring Who You Are and Discover What You Really Want (Chronicle Books, Sept 2019), host of the voicemail-style podcast, Call Me When You Get This, and the founder of #HowtoLikeBeingAlive, a popular e-newsletter helping millennials prioritize our mental health, happiness & meaningful careers.

A former retail executive, I earned my Specialization Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, in a program led by the founder of the field, Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman.

When I'm not out leading workshops for creatives and entrepreneurs all over the country, I'm blowing my savings on Bay Area avocado toast and rescuing plants from Ikea. 


Ooof—I know exactly how that feels. Good thing I've figured out a way to apply cutting-edge psychology to 1:1 mentorship!  Helping people bring their impossible ideas into reality is my favorite thing IN LIFE. So let's talk—because it's time you start starting


Your search is over, my podcasting / article-writing / panel-interviewing / social media campaign-building / creative entrepreneurial friend, because: 



What do you get when you blend actionable advice, playful energy and an obsession with research into one speaking engagement?

*raises hand aggressively* 

An audience that goes home totally changed.


1:1 Mentorship + Anti-Coaching 

Got a big, crazy, probably impossible idea—and zero clue where to start?

Maybe you want to pivot careers, create something, launch your own business, quit life and travel the globe, start a non-profit, change the zzamn world—but you don’t know how you’ll ever find the cash, time, support, or resources to get even close to making this dream real?

I’ve got you. 👇

Except I do things a little differently than most “career experts,” (*squints suspiciously*) “life coaches,” (on a scale of 0 to total scam, how much are you lying to me RN?) and “gurus” (uh, cultural appropriation, much?).

To find out exactly how I’m different—and how to work with me—tap that button.

"I got off our call and *literally* felt like I could finally breathe again. The clarity that I got from talking with Alexis just blew me away! The best part is that it’s a judgement free zone; I felt so safe and comfortable sharing everything with her. And the aftermath? Things that have been weighing me down for 3 years—gone in minutes. Alexis is brilliant. "

Ira Kadir
Founder & CEO Golden Whimsy Studio

"Alexis' workshop was at once humbling and empowering; a phenomenal blend of hard-hitting scientific research and whimsical interpretation. I left with the feeling that I could achieve my far-off dreams, and a plan in place to make it happen. "

Megan Haverman
Co-founder, Upper Left Ladies | Portland

Speaking Engagements + Workshops

Calling myself a "human pep talk" may be cute—but it's not an exaggeration. 

Whether it’s motivational speaking, hosting retreats, leading summits, MC-ing conferences, or teaching my in-depth, fully interactive workshops in, both online and IRL (in real life)—I bring three things to every event: 1) actionable advice, 2) playful energy, and 3) a ridiculous amount of research to back all that sh*t up.



"Impossible" Q3 Goals Workshop | Upper Left Ladies Summit | Portland, OR

Confidence 101: A Crash Course in Overcoming Fear to Get Sh*t Done | Proof Collective | San Francisco, CA

Get Out of Your Own Way Workshop | CEO Yeah! Retreat | Oahu, HI

How to Stop Sabotaging Your Goals (According to Science) | Masterclass

Get Out of Your Own Way Workshop | CEO Yeah! Retreat | Joshua Tree, CA

Career Pivot Party + Panelist Discussion | Sourced Collective | Laguna Beach, CA 


"Alexis had the most incredible workshop—she made the entire weekend summit and time commitment worth it. She is making topics that most people wouldn’t give their time, energy or consciousness to accessible and interesting by simplifying them in the way that she is. "

Francesca Barone
Certified Naturopathic Nutritionist | Portland, OR

If you’re looking for a well-researched, witty and millennial-voiced perspective on topics like:

  • the cult of career (do people actually have a “calling”? Is career our new religion? What is “success porn”? How do we find meaning in our work and pay the bills in a post-internet economy?)

  • self-branding (ubiquity IRL and online; the danger of),

  • burnout (the workplace phenomenon; addressing + reversing it)

  • “self-care” (our generation’s obsession with it; self-care capitalism; what is real self-care?)

  • controversial self-help topics (manifestation + the “law of attraction”; meditation + mindfulness; personality tests; the lack of scientific research backing up most popular advice 🙄)

  • how to pivot careers successfully

  • the editorial “dragging” of millennials + gen Z (why generalizing about our entitlement, laziness, and “participation trophies” is actually a strategy to alter our behavior and mine our data)

  • how to build confidence, even with low self-esteem

  • managing emotions (not-painfully-boring strategies, rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy + psychology)

  • and so much more… (ohh lordt, so much more)


…Then let’s work together to create meaningful content amidst all the noise.


"I first fell head over heels for this badass woman in Joshua Tree. Alexis has content for days on the science behind 'woo woo', and her workshop on mindset changed the way I perceive LIFE. "

Kristina Knapp
CEO, Elixir Media Co | Virginia Beach

Over the course of my careers (#millennial) I’ve helped thousands of people grow the seed of their idea into a reality—through creative strategy, aggressive kindness, and practical advice rooted in cutting-edge psychology.

And I'm pee-in-my-pants-excited to work with you. (TMI? Too late, love you.)


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