What if the only thing standing between you and your dream was. . . you?

“Get Out of Your Own Way” is a 6-month, 1:1 mentorship program for motivated creatives who are ready to stop hesitating and start making their big, crazy, impossible goals into reality.

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You’ve got the seed of an idea, but you’re stuck.

Excited, but hesitant.

Hopeful, but unsure of what move to make next. 

Maybe you want to launch a side-hustle, scale your business, seamlessly pivot careers, write your screenplay, quit life and travel the globe, start a non-profit, or change the zzzamn world...

...but you have NO IDEA how you’ll ever find the cash, time, support, or resources to make this dream real. 

I see you, I feel you, I've been there. 

👉 You’ve listened to podcasts, read articles, and bought books written by “career experts” (*squints suspiciously*)—but the advice is all so…generic.

👉 You've started in the direction of your idea and spiraled out soon after, swamped by obligations, exhaustion, and hesitation. (Am I sure this really worth pursuing?)  

👉 You’re wary of “life coaches” (on a scale of 0 to total scam, how much are you lying to me RN?) and self-help “gurus” (uh, cultural appropriation, much?) brazenly claiming they have all the answers you need—with nothing to back it up.

You don't need more generic, good vibe-y (but totally un-researched) advice from self-proclaimed "experts" telling you to "pursue your passion," "learn to prioritize," or "practice self-care."  

You're not lazy, distracted, or lost. 


You just need help getting out of your own way.

You Need:


A mentor who knows the secret to unlocking your motivation, focus and resolute clarity is not by copy > pasting their life’s answers onto yours—but by asking you the right questions.

*Actually* Proven Strategies.

An expert who can use cutting-edge psychology to introduce you to your second brain (yep, you've got more than one!)—and show you how to get both working together to make any impossible goal, possible.


A partner, out in the creative trenches with you—calling you on your bullshit, *stage mom scream-cheering* over your accomplishments, and helping you pivot your goals when you feel like quitting.

In other words: Me. 

Yours truly. 

I can help with that.👆 

Over the course of my career(s) [#millennial], I’ve helped thousands of people grow the seed of their idea into reality—through creative strategy, aggressive kindness, and practical advice rooted in research.

And I want to help you change your life, too. 

"Alexis is the long-awaited answer to placing science behind magic. She speaks in simple language and is able to provide understanding to the most un-understandable thoughts, moments and ideas that your brain tricks you into thinking. She's the perfect combination of relatable, caring, and funny."

Ashley Mahoney
Founder | Hello Big Idea

Get Out of Your Own Way | 1:1 Mentorship Program

What You'll Get:  

6 months | (14) 1:1 video chat calls | 3 Phases (Clarify, Experiment, Implement) 

private Slack group for accountability, support, and tailored-to-you homework

Lifetime access to all recorded calls, worksheets, and mentorship materials


What You'll Leave With: 

Clarity on what you want out of your life and career, and the tools to make it happen.

Confidence in your innate strengths and the know-how to build them into your work.

Fearless ownership of your weaknesses and the tools to work around them.

Understanding which environments, routines, boundaries and processes make you most productive and most at peace—so showing up to work (however and wherever that is) becomes something you actually look forward to, instead of dread.

A blueprint for nausea-free networking and priceless new connections with accountability partners you trust.

Psychology's step-by-step process to make any vague dream into an epic-but-easy-to-execute goal—again and again.

Apply Now! (Spots are Limited)

What We'll Cover

Phase 1 | Clarify

4 Weeks; (4) 60 minute Calls. (1 Call per Week for 4 Weeks.)

  • Get crystal clear on what you want, why you want it, and the best way to make it happen.
  • Address your fears, hesitations, ambitions and core motivations using tools of positive psychology.
  • Determine the best way to pursue your epic goal—based your Ideal Workflow Formula and “favorite” forms of self-sabotage.
  • “Reality check” your goal—create a custom financial plan and timeline based on who you are (personality), where you are (skillset and environment), and what resources you’re working with.


Phase 2 | Experiment

10 Weeks; (5) 90 minute Calls. (1 Call every two weeks for 10 weeks.) 

  • Find out how to break down your epic goal into bite-sized chunks you’ll actually follow through on; we’ll set deadlines together and start experimenting.
  • Discover how to practice your innate strengths and learn how to supplement your weaknesses using the Over, Under, Around and Through process.
  • Understand how your two brains operate, how to get them working together, and how to interrupt your “favorite” forms of self-sabotage so you can stay out of your own way.
  • Learn to use subliminal priming (aka subconscious goal-setting) to cut the time it takes to accomplish your dream in half. (Yes, that’s a real thing!)

Phase 3 | Implement

10 Weeks; (5) 90 minute Calls. (1 Call every two weeks for 10 weeks.) 

  • Address real-life obstacles, create a sabotage-proof contingency plan, and make necessary pivots. Learn how to use discontent as momentum.
  • Form easy productivity routines and break bad habits, using the “Implementation Intentions” strategy. Enjoy the fact that you’re not freaked out about making changes to your life anymore—because you know how to make those changes successfully.
  • Finally, be equipped to handle mistakes, failures, and disappointments with calm and confidence—thanks to our collaborative process of “rewiring” your brain.
  • Experience real-time accountability, support, and advice from fellow mentees in a once-a-month group call setting; practice the Ask & Offer strategy.

"What I experienced with Alexis were the tools not just to know what I'm doing in my behavior, but how to change it. That is Alexis' magic: she sees you, she understands you, she listens to you and provides a safe place to learn and struggle. I went from feeling at war with myself to feeling like each day is a journey towards a path I actively chose and want to be on. This human helped me change my life with the gentlest of pushes. She can change yours too. "

Emily Cariker
Founder | Ardent Market

Get Out of Your Own Way with Alexis Rockley

Hey, I'm Alexis {she/her}—a writer, speaker, and human pep talk.

I'm the author of Find Your F*ckyeah: Stop Censoring Who You Are and Discover What You Really Want (Chronicle Books, Sept 2019), host of the voicemail-style podcast, Call Me When You Get This, and founder of How to Like Being Alive, an e-newsletter helping millennials prioritize mental health, happiness & meaningful careers.

A former retail executive (check out my full story here), I earned my Specialization Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, in a program led by the founder of the field, Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman.

I translate the hard science of happiness into practical advice for bored, stressed, and purpose-hungry millennials who want to actually love their work. 

Wanna change the world together? I brought snacks. 


Let's Work Together, 1:1!

Frequently Asked Questions

Boy howdy, hot damn—it's different in many ways: 

  1. Most “coaches” offer advice based on personal experience alone. While I have more than a decade of experience in goal-based leadership and complex project management, every piece of advice I offer is also backed by science and research. If you want to nerd-out over the studies I’m basing my advice & strategies on, just ask!
  2. Most goal-oriented programs only focus on conscious planning, and never address subconscious habits or behaviors. Each phase of the program (and the homework that goes with it) is designed to get both of your brains working together, which is key to transformation. And because these strategies have been tested over and over by researchers, we know they work! (Some example strategies I've adapted: cognitive reappraisal, self-determination theory, character strengths research, implementation intentions, subliminal priming, and so on.)
  3. Most programs glorify transformation (i.e. before & after photos, listing how much money their client made) but totally ignore the messy process of experimentation required to get those results. I expect your goals to change as you do. Pivoting is okay. In fact, I begin our sessions by asking, “What was your favorite failure this week; what did it teach you?” You're a human, not a before & after photo. You get results by taking risks, and I'm here for you all the way.

Before pivoting my career to become a published author, podcast host, speaker and career coach for people who don't believe in careers or coaching—I was a fancy-pants retail executive

I spent over a decade pulling myself up by my bootstraps while climbing the corporate ladder (yes, it's complicated, requires a lot of core strength) at a massive hipster retail brand, leading teams of employees, big and small—and juggling complex creative projects & budgets from start to finish (like store renovations, refixtures, and openings). By the time I left the field to earn my Specialization Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, I had already overseen creative direction and styling for 11 retail locations, managed double-digit millions of dollars in annual volume, and developed teams of leaders for years

In other words? I've been a mentor and leader my entire career. It's my jam.


The application process allows me to learn a little bit about where you're at now and what you want to achieve—and therefore, whether we'll be a good fit to work together. After reviewing your application, I'll reach out via email to schedule our complimentary 60-minute call (yes, 1 hour!) where we'll hash out your goals and discuss whether working together is the right move. 

Traditionally, coaches wait to reveal the price until they’re on a “discovery call” with you, where you may feel pressured by them to make a decision. I don’t like pressure. I believe in transparencywhich is why I choose to lay out the program’s cost right up front.

Your investment in this 1:1 mentorship with me [including six months of (14) 60 and 90 minute video calls, a private Slack group with weekly communication, tailored-to-you homework and lifetime access to all mentorship materials] is:

  • A one-time payment of of $5982


  • Six monthly installments of $1013.66 (for a total of $6,082).

...There it is, out in the open, all naked and exposed: the cost. 😳

This program is a six-month investment—half a year of work—not just for you, but for me as well.

See, when we sign on to work together, it's not just to spend time on video calls—although we will spend over 20 hours of 1:1 time together, across 6 months—there’s also a significant amount of work going on behind the scenes. Not only am I creating tailored-to-you homework based in cutting-edge psychology, but I’m also reviewing that homework in advance of our calls and providing support and accountability with weekly check-ins. You’re putting in work between sessions too—and that’s why the program is so transformative!

If you'd like to discuss additional payment options, I'm happy to talk things through together on our complimentary 60-minute call. 

I believe everyone should have access to the epic information this program is based on, regardless of financial privilege. For that reason, I offer a limited number of scholarships per year. If you’re ready to work with me but find yourself under serious financial hardship, please apply for the Get Out of Your Own Way program and let me know you're requesting a scholarship spot. 

I like to describe mentorship as “a kickass relationship, with homework.” It requires hard work between sessions and a willingness to stick with it when you’re pushing your limits. (It is about making impossible goals reality, after all.) I expect mentees to take the program seriously, to show up and do the work—because I’m happy to do the same thing. That said, if I believe you’re doing the work and the program is still not right for you, I’ll conclude our sessions and waive the balance due (or provide a partial refund, if you made a one-time payment) for the months not yet completed in the program. 


I mean, yeah. Yes. So...

  • I have an obsession with rescuing plants from Ikea. Also, all my plant babies are named after frat guys: Connor, Blaze, Chad, Chaz, Tyler but he goes by “Ty”—there are more, but….you get it.

  • I ran a lifestyle and travel blog called Local (Tourist) for over two years, during which time I discovered I did not want to run a lifestyle and travel blog. [PSA: Your “passions” do not need to be monetized to be validated. You can just…love travel.]

  • I have a running list of most hated smells: crayons, movie theater popcorn, freshly cut grass, hot tar…I could go on.

  • I saw a previously hidden entrance to one of the Great Pyramids of Giza, in Egypt, with my own eyes. In real life. It was INSANE.

  • Every Friday, on Instagram, I ask you to name one thing you did for yourself that week (something brave, kind, a risk you took, how you prioritized your mental health, etc.) and your song request—and then I dance like an idiot to that song, celebrating the fact that you and I made it through the week. It's called the "Friday We're Alive Dance Party," and you're invited.

Suspicious of "experts" who insist you should be contratually obligated to talk to them every week for the duration of your life?

Me too. 

If you don't know me yet, or 6 months feels intimidating—then you'll love Phone-a-Psychology-Certified-Friend. 

Tap the button below to view my 1 / 3 / and 5 Call calendar. No commitments, no weird salesy-vibes. First call is free! 


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