yeah, mastering your money is challenging. 

But when have you ever been afraid of a challenge? 

Master Your Money is an 8 week, all-you-can-eat online course to finally get your financial shit together—with the psychology tools you need to get your self-sabotaging brain on board.

Pay off debt, stop emotional spending, build your savings, and start investing — all in the first two months of 2020.

This course is for you if—

◼️ You’d rather die than look at another budgeting app 

◼️ You’re drowning in the shame and self-doubt that debt brings

◼️ You know a 401(k) is important, but WTF is it

◼️ You’ve set money resolutions before, but couldn't stick with them

◼️ You wanna buy a dinner out without checking to see if you can afford it

◼️ You want to stop working (aka retire) someday


"The content in Master Your Money led me to eliminating $7,000 in credit card debt, saving over $8,000 — AND paying off almost $4,000 in student loans in less than a year."

Jessica Young

"I cannot recommend this course enough. Tori and Alexis present their information in a comprehensible, realistic, NON-JUDGMENTAL way that doesn't make you hate yourself or the iced coffee you bought before work that morning. Not only do you walk away with a firm grasp of formerly elusive financial topics, but you also gain an understanding of your own personal relationship with money and roadblocks that may be keeping you from making the best financial decisions. It's the best investment I've made, because that's really what this course is. An investment."


Stop sabotaging yourself + build your wealth.

Actionable Money Advice.

You no longer need your dad's favorite personal finance book to decode financial advice. (Ugh.)

Learn what it takes to *actually* save money, pay off debt, and start investing—from a nationally-recognized money expert and financial feminist (who just so happens to also speak everyday millennial english).



Guess what's missing from your 2020 "get money" game plan? 

Other humans.

No one changes their life alone. 

That's why we built MYM with an exclusive Accountability Group —so you can make big changes + get your financial shit together WITH HELP, plus group coaching calls and exclusive access to Alexis and Tori.


Science-Based Goal Setting.

Problem #78,642 with personal finance courses: they never address the mindset side of money. And when they do? It's un-researched, fluffy bullshit that leaves you with questions. 

But not MYM. Learn how to sabotage-proof your financial goals + work with your brain—from a positive psychology-certified coach and expert at translating hard science for anyone who speaks emoji. 


"This course has forced me to take a good, long look in the mirror and become aware of my financial habits! In less than two months I built up over $1,000 in my savings account, which hasn't been that lush in YEARS."


Learn ~exactly~ how to—

✔ unravel your limiting beliefs around money—using actual science (and not fluffy self-help platitudes)

✔ pay off debt 

✔ stop emotionally spending

✔ build your savings

✔ boost your credit score 

✔ start investing (!)

✔ budget with NO apps or spreadsheets required

✔ sabotage-proof your financial goals

—all in the first two months of 2020.



"With the content in this course, I've saved over $7,000 this year and fully-funded my Roth IRA with an additional $6,000. I trust Tori wholeheartedly to give me the best information and direct me to the right resources to accomplish my goals. I cannot recommend Master Your Money enough."

Kieryn Wang

What you'll get—

👉 Our 8 module, 8-week signature blend of hard science, memes and practical money advice to level up your money in 2020

👉 Resources, action steps and no-bullshit homework at the end of each week’s content to keep your head in the game

👉 Immediate access to the MYM Accountability Group, where you'll find support from others working through the course, direct access to Alexis + Tori, and answers to your situation-specific financial questions

👉 (2) Exclusive, live group coaching calls with Alexis + Tori (a $400 value)

👉 An optional, private 1:1 coaching upgrade with Alexis + Tori (a $700 value) 


Whatever you're not changing, you're choosing.

Choose yourself in 2020, and make this the year you get your financial shit together.

Hey, I'm Alexis—

a positive psychology coach, author, and human pep talk.

After 12 years of climbing the corporate retail ladder, I found myself age 28, managing double digit millions of dollars in annual business, leading vast teams of people, living the millennial dream—and utterly exhausted. I was burnt out and full of questions: How do people figure out WTF to do with their lives? Why are so many of us depressed, scared shitless and bored senseless?

Frustrated at the huge gap between hard science and empty self-help, I decided to roll up my sleeves and do the research for myself.

Four years later, and I hold my Specialization Certificate in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania; I'm the author of Find Your F*ckyeah: Stop Censoring Who You Are and Discover What You Really Want (Chronicle Books) and host of the voicemail-style podcast, Call Me When You Get This.

My mission in life is to help you figure out how to like being alive and make your impossible goals real—by finally understanding your brain. 

 Ready? I brought snacks. 

"MYM gave me information and homework about money basics that increased my confidence in my ability to manage my money REALLY FUCKING WELL! Accessible, approachable, fun, and one of the best things I've spent money on EVER."

Julia Klerner

And I'm Tori—

a nationally-recognized millennial money + career expert.


After saving $100,000 at age 25, I founded Her First $100K to fight financial inequality by giving women actionable resources to better their money. 

Having a great financial education from my parents — which included starting my first business when I was 9 — I thought everyone knew how to save, invest, and negotiate. It wasn’t until after college I realized most women, are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to their money and career knowledge.

So I knew that I had to fight back.

A Plutus award winner, my work has been featured on Good Morning America, People Magazine, the New York Times, Forbes, CNBC, and more. 

My mission? Get you the funds to build the life you want — and slay the patriarchy at the same time.

I'm committed to showing you how to make it rain — with a Mulaney or Chalamet gif thrown in.

"MYM gave me reinvigorated confidence that I am on the right track. It also gave me more knowledge and helpful hints on how to keep going and stay motivated. Tori's like your meme-queen best friend from college who got her shit together and just wants to help you get yours together too, but in a relatable way. Alexis drops knowledge bombs that makes you totally second guess everything you've ever done in the best way."











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"Master Your Money was a perfect mix of the psychology of our brains and the hard facts of how to handle money — coming from two hilarious gals that know their shit and can help start you in the right direction of your money journey."


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this course was created for people from any country! Only about 2% of the content in this course (about American retirement account options) will not be relevant to you.

One of the amazing things about joining our first cohort  — you'll get lifetime access to this course, even when the price increases or updates are made.

Buy it now, have it forever!

Although the course's content is formatted by weeks, we give you immediate access to the entire course upon purchase. It's completely online.

Go at your own pace. Consume it in one day, or one year – up to you!

We recommend carving out at least 1 hour per week to read the lessons, take action on your homework, and participate in the private MYM Accountability Group with your specific questions. Financial wellness is self-care, y'all!

It's essential to schedule this time, because the human brain doesn't like forming new habits "on the fly." If you carve out dedicated time each week, you'll see bigger wins! 

No, this course is not live. Upon enrollment, you'll gain access to all eight modules of Master Your Money so you can can move at your own pace.

We designed MYM to take place over eight weeks for three reasons:

1. To give you the necessary time to absorb all this new information and to actually take action.

2. To ensure we'd be for there for you, every step of the way—available to answer your questions throughout all 8 weeks (and tackle complex money topics during our 2 scheduled Group Coaching calls). 

3. To make it less likely you'd skip around, get overwhelmed, and give up on yourself. We're all about helping you sabotage-proof your new money habits! 

Here's the thing — we don't know! In all likelihood, it will be a good 6 months to a year before we open the doors again. And when we *do* offer it, the price will have increased.

So if you're thinking about pulling the trigger, we suggest joining the first cohort (especially because you get lifetime access!)

Your best life requires money.

No more stalling, stressing, or shrinking. It's time to conquer your money, build wealth, and give yourself the gift of financial stability. 

Those who pay, pay attention.

"Master Your Money helped me be less intimidated by financial literacy and made me feel excited to be proactive about my financial goals. Alexis and Tori are just like you and me — passionate about making financial goals accessible and attainable."


Questions? Concerns? Compliments?

Shoot us an email| [email protected] | [email protected]

"MYM empowersg women to get shit done! This course motivates you and helps you not only to get to know your relationship to money better but to get to know yourself better."


Did you miss your chance to enroll in Master Your Money?

It'll be a while—but don't worry, doors won't stay closed forever! Drop your name and email to join our VIP Waitlist. 

You'll be be first to know when enrollment re-opens for MYM—plus you'll get updates (and the occasional love note from us). 

(Don't want to wait for it to open? Tori's Personal Finance 101 is her best-selling workshop to tide you over.)

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