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Find Your Fuckyeah book cover is neon green, the title takes up the entire cover in big, all-caps black letters. The tagline looks like red tape over the letter "u".
a book for people who already 🙃 know their "purpose" won't be found in a job, but 💫 wish that someone would summarize the science of meaning, motivation & happiness in a fun way
so they could🤞maybe experience more of those things while paying their bills, you know? 
Find Your FuckYeah book held up by brown hand in front of grassy landscape with mountains and blue sky in the background
glowing oval shape with neon yellow center that fades to lavender
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→ You love having time to yourself, but hate being alone without an Internet connection. A few minutes alone with your thoughts, and the unnerving question sneaks in: Hey—is something missing here?


→ You want to learn how to build a life you love, but you’re annoyed by the vague, entitled, and context-ignorant advice of self-help books. How do I ‘follow my bliss’? What even is that!?


→ You’re too tired to dig into the psychology & neuroscience on your own—and feel a little guilty for being dissatisfied in the first place. Why can’t I just be grateful? I have it so easy compared to other people.


→ You’re starting to feel grossed-out by the girlbossification and #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt of self-care. Uhh, what are you trying to sell me, exactly?


→ Sometimes you feel confident in the choices you’ve made (i.e. school, work, relationships) but mostly it feels like you’re "falling behind" in life. If you had just done A, B, or C, you could be much further along in your career; maybe even happier, or healthier—right?

yeah, us too.

does this sound like you?

Alexis smiles, looking down, and wears a black suit and converse, with left hand on hip and right hand touching her hair
Find Your FuckYeah book held up by brown hand in front of grassy landscape with mountains and blue sky in the background
lavender and neon lime gradient shapes overlap

"Just be yourself."

"Pursue your passion."

"Live your best life." 

okay, but how?!

Some personal growth books insist that the life you want is "just a matter of mindset," dismissing your lived experiences in the process. Others focus on hyping you up, offering a pep talk that fades in potency the moment you finish the book. Still others take the pseudo-scientific route, using phrases like "research shows ____," without ever bothering to cite that research.


You've already read those books.


You already know that if you want make changes in your life, you'll need to understand how your brain works—and yes, citations are mandatory. That you'll need a lot more than a "pep talk" to unlearn years of automatic self-censorship while relearning how to play, experiment, and take worthwhile risks. You know that "dream jobs" are a capitalist scam—but tapping into meaning & motivation while paying your bills is real. You know you're ready to take your life off autopilot—and this book does, too. 

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Find Your FuckYeah book cover
order find your f*ckyeah here    ⬇ or at your local 📚 bookstore.
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what the people are saying.

Hey! Alexis here. Official blurbs & pull quotes from famous authors are great, but honestly? I get more excited about the DMs, emails, and personal notes that y'all send to me.


See that phone, below? It's a slideshow! [Ooo, meta.] 


Click through using the right and left arrows on the phone to hear about Find Your FuckYeah from everyday humans like you and me.


→ Are you using a screen reader? Click this link for a transcript of the testimonials below (just in case the alt-text doesn't do what we need it to).

Alexis holds her arms close to her chest and kicks her right leg high in the air, wearing a black suit, white converse, and big hoop earrings
find your f*ckyeah    ⬇ is also available on 🎧 audiobook! 
Find Your FuckYeah book cover
a laptop screen scrolls through the sources and citations page. A giant number "476" hovers over a neon green shape and behind the laptop. A cut out of Alexis stands at the left edge of the laptop; the cover of Find Your FuckYeah stands at the right corner.

four hundred and seventy six.

Oh, that number? That's how many sources and citations I referenced in Find Your FuckYeah.


Four hundred and seventy-six.


Not, uhh...standard for books labeled "self-help." Some would even say I went overboard with the research. But you know what? You deserve a self-help book that's actually rooted in science, even if that science is constantly updating itself.


So, what do you do when your publisher (very kindly) tells you that have TOO MANY sources to print in the back of your book?

You make room on the Internet.

more love for this book.

Find Your Fuckyeah book cover is neon green, the title takes up the entire cover in big, all-caps black letters. The tagline looks like red tape over the letter "u".

→ Are you using a screen reader? Click this link for a transcript of the testimonial screenshots below (just in case the alt-text doesn't do what we need it to).

→ Seen enough? Jump to the free Find Your FuckYeah Workbook, here.

anonymous email reads "I just wanna drop a note to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for finding your fuck yeah and inspiring us with it! Just finished your book and gosh, was I blown away? I too am a nerd and I greatly appreciated how often you backed what you said with science! You've left me inspired, stoked, and energized. I MAY be reading your book again because it's just THAT good! Thank you, times a million." Peace fingers emoji with brown skin.
Anonymous dm reads "Hi, I'm currently reading your book. It is honestly one of the best pieces I have ever had and it truly changed my life. Thank you for putting it out there, I'll eternally be grateful"
Anonymous dm reads "Thank you for sharing yoru genius and gift with the world, friend! The book is EVERYTHING to me so thank you. I cannot wait for both of my little girls to learn how to read so I could pass it down to them because the message in this book is too important not to share." Flames emoji. Alexis responds "Welp, now I've got fully body chills" Crying emoji. Crying emjoi. Heart emoji.
Comment reads "I GOTTA recommend this book to everyone. Like, I've always scoffed at 'self help' books, but THIS. This is a whole nother level. I cam across it at the bookstore and it could not have come at a better time. I'm finally taking steps in doing what I actually want with my life (career mostly) and I am here for it. I'm done being a pencil pushing drone. GO READ THIS BOOK MY DUDES #FindYourFuckYeah"
Anonymous dm reads "It's been about a year since I finished your book (for the first time - read it a few more times since) & as cliche as this may sound, but my life has really turned for the better. I explored, accepted opportunities I didn't know shit about & figured it out along the way, found happiness in things I never thought I would - generally living a really happy life at the moment. Sure some things can be better, but a lot of things already are. Thank you, you have no idea how you have inspired me & made me turn my life around. Praying hands emoji with tan skin."
Comment reads "The most recent being Find Your Fuck Yeah by Alexis Rockley. I absolutely loved this book. Alexis' science based approach spoke to my inner nerd. I am a spiritual person who is also very logic based. Her research & understanding of the human brain shines through & the explanations clear, concise, relateable, are easy to digest. Kudos, @ Alexis Rockley!"
Comment reads "Ok, I'm not done with the book yet, BUT i'm already blown away from all the content and research @ Alexis Rockley provides in her book! Ok, onto the next chapter. Praise hands emoji with brown skin."
Two tablets float over a brightly colored collage background. The Find Your FuckYeah Workbook cover shows on the right tablet,  an exercise from the workbook shows on the left tablet. A tiny-sized Alexis is seated on the top corner of the left tablet; she is wearing a black suit and white converse, kicking her right leg up in the air and throwing her head back, laughing.

"game-changing homework in a cute package"

—a friend, describing the Find Your FuckYeah Workbook

If you're going to take the time to do a journal prompt, it better be worthwhile, right?

Not only is this book bursting at the seams with scientific studies that myth-bust classic "self-help" topics—it's also full of interactive exercises rooted in proven research (like cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology, for example).


​Every single exercise included in the book —all 18 pages— are yours, right here. For free!

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